Cooking Eggs

We cooked eggs last lesson. We were learning how to cook Scrambled eggs and how to make boiled eggs. We used one egg for each. I overcooked the scrambled eggs a bit and put a tad too much salt in it.

I didn’t put pepper in at the start, and they turned out to be not the correct size, mine turned out a bit bigger than what I wanted them to be, the next time I should use a lower flame.

With the boiled egg, I had more success but I noticed that it popped in the hot water because it had a small hole that I didn’t see before chucking it into the boiling water. Cooking the boiled egg takes 8-12 minutes, depends on how you want them. In the end, to make it taste lighter, you put Butter and a pinch of pepper on it. I could have been more considerate of the egg’s condition before chucking it into the water. That would give off a better result.Image