Sunrise Cookies Evaluation

I’ve been overall happy with the presentation and taste of the outcome. We have carefully cut out our cookies resulting in good shapes, carefully spread the two differently colored icings onto bothe halves of the cookies and carefully touched them, trying to almost never make any contact with the cookie not to ruin its form. The cookies weren’t big which helped us fulfill our promise with small and easy packaging. The cookies were quite crunchy, and they turned out exactly as they were expected to be. I have never tried these types of cookies, and it was interesting to taste something new. I have also noticed that even though we did spread a LOT of icing on the cookies themselves, they turned out not too sweet and edible in the end. What we could have improved on overall is time constraints and NOT making Vanilla cream, since in the end we ended up not using it at all. I also could have been more careful, myself, with the safety around the kitchen since I forgot to turn the electricity switch off after I was finished using the electric beater. Overall this was a very clean cooking session, even though we did struggle cleaning up on time. The cookies were put on a plate, and we didn’t design how they would fit on the plate; so it turned out simple: Three cookies on a plate.


Note: We also called the cookies sunrise cookies due to the brighter side being the sun.


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