Spicy Chicken Evaluation

This dish did take some patience to make, due to constantly stirring the sauce with the chicken and taking a while to cook the rice. It was, however, a rewarding dish in the end due to it being ‘heavy’ and full of food mass. It was obviously spicy, due to ourselves adding spices constantly to the chicken. Stirring it altogether made the chicken absorb the spices, leaving us with a spicy dish. The yogurt added to the dish, however, cooled it down a bit leaving a less spicy, and more balanced out taste. It had a combination of the Risotto texture and the chicken parma texture, leaving itself to be creamy and chewy. The design for it was simple too, we have been taught to use a cup and make a standing shape out of the rice, adding the actual sauce with chicken as spices afterwards to the space around it. It wasn’t a very simple dish, due to the spices used. And it would require some searching in the store. However, the outcome is very lasting. Due to the design, the dish looked attractive and its taste and texture acted as ‘filler’ content. Cleaning after this dish took us a very long time, and this probably was our longest time cleaning after a lesson, especially my group of two; Monica and I.


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