Risotto Evaluation

We have cooked Risotto with a LOT of ingredients. We did have to make a plan for it at the beginning, just like we did with the biscuit assignment, however, it was never checked by the teacher. The Risotto we made had a lemony taste which was approved by multiple teachers that tried it. It had a creamy texture adding some chewiness into the mix due to the ingredients added. The Risotto we made, like mentioned, had a lemony sour taste to it as well as salty due to salt added to the product. Risotto takes a lot of time to make due to it requiring constant attention whilst it’s on the pan. It takes a long time to make because of the hand made sauce being added little by little to the risotto, until it’s absorbed by the rice on the pan and then re-done again. We did make a lot, though, so we couldn’t handle all the risotto cooked by us. Cooking didn’t take a long time, surprisingly, but that’s because most of the time you’re simply using a saucepan and a normal pan to cook the risotto. This time, I think we worked as well as we could. The only improvement I believe we could’ve made is pick ingredients more wisely, because we had a little leftovers at the end.


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