Ginger Cookies Evaluation

We cooked ginger cookies, however we didn’t make the dough ourselves. When we walked into class, the dough was already ready and what we had to do was simply roll it out, cut it out and cook it. It wasn’t too hard we laid them out and we put them in the oven quite quickly, taking us roughly about 30 minutes in total to finish the cookies. We didn’t make many mistakes, due to us working in one big group. There was a lot of dough left though, that I did have to eat.

Making our cookies less crisp and putting a LOT less topping on them would improve the taste and texture a lot. But with what we had, the cookies had a very sweet taste and they were crunchy. My partner decided to take the ‘chocolate’ route and he put around 15 pieces of chocolate on each cookie. It made the cookies harder and longer to cook, and it wasn’t really edible at the end of the cooking process.


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