Chicken Parma Evaluation

We have cooked chicken parma and we also used eggplant for two additional pieces. We cooked two of each, resulting in total of four pieces. The chicken parma turned out to have a chewy texture that you had to chew thoroughly to eat, and it had a strong, salty taste. It was covered in bread crumbs that added to the look and texture of the dish. The chicken parma turned out to be well made, however, we did have a bit of a problem with our time constraints. We didn’t leave a lot of time for our cleaning, resulting in us staying back for lunch. Our dish was carefully laid out, and its look wasn’t bad. I could have added a bit more salt to the eggplant, and I could have cooked the chicken parma a bit more to allow it to be less chewy, since it did take some effort to chew the final product. It was a simple dish, and didn’t require a lot of skill due to the bread crumbs being handed to us ready. Like stated, we could have improved our usage of time, but overall, we did fine.


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