Baby BLTs Evaluation

When I cooked this, we didn’t work in groups. Instead, we have worked individually on special dishes assigned to each person in the class. I have gotten the opportunity to make something I haven’t made before; Baby BLTs. I haven’t even seen the dish, so organizing it on the plate and laying it out was really hard. I had to ask for assistance multiple times, due to this. The class that came in for their photography lesson in the second half of the cooking session did create tension and loud noises. It was hard to concentrate on the product, but it didn’t turn out bad. The Baby BLTs had a very mixed taste which was more than likely added by the Greek yogurt mixed with garlic. It did have a very unique texture as well, since there were a lot of different foods in the BLT at once. It was a mess created on my table, due to me frying bacon in a hurry, and not being careful with the pan. Cleaning up did take a lot of time as well due to everyone eating food whilst cleaning. Baby BLTs are not very ‘heavy’ dishes, and are easily eaten.


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