Risotto Evaluation

We have cooked Risotto with a LOT of ingredients. We did have to make a plan for it at the beginning, just like we did with the biscuit assignment, however, it was never checked by the teacher. The Risotto we made had a lemony taste which was approved by multiple teachers that tried it. It had a creamy texture adding some chewiness into the mix due to the ingredients added. The Risotto we made, like mentioned, had a lemony sour taste to it as well as salty due to salt added to the product. Risotto takes a lot of time to make due to it requiring constant attention whilst it’s on the pan. It takes a long time to make because of the hand made sauce being added little by little to the risotto, until it’s absorbed by the rice on the pan and then re-done again. We did make a lot, though, so we couldn’t handle all the risotto cooked by us. Cooking didn’t take a long time, surprisingly, but that’s because most of the time you’re simply using a saucepan and a normal pan to cook the risotto. This time, I think we worked as well as we could. The only improvement I believe we could’ve made is pick ingredients more wisely, because we had a little leftovers at the end.


Ginger Cookies Evaluation

We cooked ginger cookies, however we didn’t make the dough ourselves. When we walked into class, the dough was already ready and what we had to do was simply roll it out, cut it out and cook it. It wasn’t too hard we laid them out and we put them in the oven quite quickly, taking us roughly about 30 minutes in total to finish the cookies. We didn’t make many mistakes, due to us working in one big group. There was a lot of dough left though, that I did have to eat.

Making our cookies less crisp and putting a LOT less topping on them would improve the taste and texture a lot. But with what we had, the cookies had a very sweet taste and they were crunchy. My partner decided to take the ‘chocolate’ route and he put around 15 pieces of chocolate on each cookie. It made the cookies harder and longer to cook, and it wasn’t really edible at the end of the cooking process.

Spicy Chicken Evaluation

This dish did take some patience to make, due to constantly stirring the sauce with the chicken and taking a while to cook the rice. It was, however, a rewarding dish in the end due to it being ‘heavy’ and full of food mass. It was obviously spicy, due to ourselves adding spices constantly to the chicken. Stirring it altogether made the chicken absorb the spices, leaving us with a spicy dish. The yogurt added to the dish, however, cooled it down a bit leaving a less spicy, and more balanced out taste. It had a combination of the Risotto texture and the chicken parma texture, leaving itself to be creamy and chewy. The design for it was simple too, we have been taught to use a cup and make a standing shape out of the rice, adding the actual sauce with chicken as spices afterwards to the space around it. It wasn’t a very simple dish, due to the spices used. And it would require some searching in the store. However, the outcome is very lasting. Due to the design, the dish looked attractive and its taste and texture acted as ‘filler’ content. Cleaning after this dish took us a very long time, and this probably was our longest time cleaning after a lesson, especially my group of two; Monica and I.

Baby BLTs Evaluation

When I cooked this, we didn’t work in groups. Instead, we have worked individually on special dishes assigned to each person in the class. I have gotten the opportunity to make something I haven’t made before; Baby BLTs. I haven’t even seen the dish, so organizing it on the plate and laying it out was really hard. I had to ask for assistance multiple times, due to this. The class that came in for their photography lesson in the second half of the cooking session did create tension and loud noises. It was hard to concentrate on the product, but it didn’t turn out bad. The Baby BLTs had a very mixed taste which was more than likely added by the Greek yogurt mixed with garlic. It did have a very unique texture as well, since there were a lot of different foods in the BLT at once. It was a mess created on my table, due to me frying bacon in a hurry, and not being careful with the pan. Cleaning up did take a lot of time as well due to everyone eating food whilst cleaning. Baby BLTs are not very ‘heavy’ dishes, and are easily eaten.

Sunrise Cookies Evaluation

I’ve been overall happy with the presentation and taste of the outcome. We have carefully cut out our cookies resulting in good shapes, carefully spread the two differently colored icings onto bothe halves of the cookies and carefully touched them, trying to almost never make any contact with the cookie not to ruin its form. The cookies weren’t big which helped us fulfill our promise with small and easy packaging. The cookies were quite crunchy, and they turned out exactly as they were expected to be. I have never tried these types of cookies, and it was interesting to taste something new. I have also noticed that even though we did spread a LOT of icing on the cookies themselves, they turned out not too sweet and edible in the end. What we could have improved on overall is time constraints and NOT making Vanilla cream, since in the end we ended up not using it at all. I also could have been more careful, myself, with the safety around the kitchen since I forgot to turn the electricity switch off after I was finished using the electric beater. Overall this was a very clean cooking session, even though we did struggle cleaning up on time. The cookies were put on a plate, and we didn’t design how they would fit on the plate; so it turned out simple: Three cookies on a plate.


Note: We also called the cookies sunrise cookies due to the brighter side being the sun.

Chicken Parma Evaluation

We have cooked chicken parma and we also used eggplant for two additional pieces. We cooked two of each, resulting in total of four pieces. The chicken parma turned out to have a chewy texture that you had to chew thoroughly to eat, and it had a strong, salty taste. It was covered in bread crumbs that added to the look and texture of the dish. The chicken parma turned out to be well made, however, we did have a bit of a problem with our time constraints. We didn’t leave a lot of time for our cleaning, resulting in us staying back for lunch. Our dish was carefully laid out, and its look wasn’t bad. I could have added a bit more salt to the eggplant, and I could have cooked the chicken parma a bit more to allow it to be less chewy, since it did take some effort to chew the final product. It was a simple dish, and didn’t require a lot of skill due to the bread crumbs being handed to us ready. Like stated, we could have improved our usage of time, but overall, we did fine.

Cooking Eggs

We cooked eggs last lesson. We were learning how to cook Scrambled eggs and how to make boiled eggs. We used one egg for each. I overcooked the scrambled eggs a bit and put a tad too much salt in it.

I didn’t put pepper in at the start, and they turned out to be not the correct size, mine turned out a bit bigger than what I wanted them to be, the next time I should use a lower flame.

With the boiled egg, I had more success but I noticed that it popped in the hot water because it had a small hole that I didn’t see before chucking it into the boiling water. Cooking the boiled egg takes 8-12 minutes, depends on how you want them. In the end, to make it taste lighter, you put Butter and a pinch of pepper on it. I could have been more considerate of the egg’s condition before chucking it into the water. That would give off a better result.Image